Changzhou Chuanlin Chemical Co., Ltd.

Potassium Diphosphate
Sodium pyrophosphate a
Phosphorus pentoxide
Polyphosphoric acid
Tripotassium phosphate
Red phosphorus
Copper Pyrophosphate
Phosphoric acid, techn
Phosphoric acid, food
Sodium hexametaphospha

Chuanlin Chemical, which established in Changzhou in 2000, mainly produce phosphorous scrics products and sells home and abroad. Chuanlin wins good reputation on both quality and business credit in east China and owns wide phosphorous market and technical information.
Chuanlin founded branch company in Sichuan Anxian, named Anxian Chuanlin Chemical company, which specialized in phosphorous production, research and development. The Anhydrous potassium series products, such as TKPP, DKP Anhydrous, ATKP has achieved remarkable results in the market, and has taken a leading position all over the country.

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